We believe that not only the owners but also the pets deserve care free from harmful substances! Why not give them premium quality care?

ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are tested and approved by veterinarians. They are made up of only from skin- friendly, high quality vegetable ingredients.


All of our products are hand-crafted from mixing raw materials to packaging. Thanks to this, each cosmetic is unique, there are no two perfectly identical pieces in our stock.

Production takes place using NATURAL INGREDIENTS only. The preparations are free of harmful substances and do not contain petroleum derivatives.

WE DO NOT USE PALM OIL! Palm oil plantation is the cause of destroying many rainforests, and critical habitat for many endangered species.


We EXTEND OF OUR PRODUCT LINE Continuously. Approximately 1-year elapses between of a new idea and launching of a product. Why? We consider it is important that our products represent the best quality, but to achieve the best it takes a lot of preparation, rethinking and re-manufacturing.