The Sheila natural range was designed for people who are looking for not only skin-friendly products but also good quality. As we are familiar with oily, acne-prone and reddened skin, we wanted to make a product that can treat it.

So first we made products designed for human skin. Our salt soaps became very popular in a short time thanks to the fact that many different skin problems have become effectively treated with it. Moreover, this could have been done without the use of any artificial materials.

Finally, we dreamed even bigger. Being a pet lover family, we thought it was important for our dogs to receive the same care as their owners. We humans have a lot of different cosmetics to choose from when it comes to skin care. But who will take care of our dogs?


We were the first to create an officially licensed dog soap in Hungary that not only cleans but also provides proper coat care. Being first is always a very exciting thing, so puppies are getting more and more attention in our lives. From February 2019 we decided to concentrate only on products we design to our four-legged friends.

Our dog grooming product are free from petroleum derivatives, paraben, artificial coloring and palm oil. Instead, we use natural materials and essential oils that greatly simplify the care of our four-legged family members..

Our natural care products absorb quickly, which means ease for you and your pet. You no longer have to sit for long hours to comb out the tangles of coat and can forget about scratching caused by irritation. Instead, the playtime can come in sooner, and of course the afternoon walk.

Product development is continuous and our work is supported by an experienced chemical engineer. We believe it is important for our products to be of premium quality and to be free from animal testing, and we place great emphasis on them.

All Sheila cosmetics are handmade products, each made by hand, from the mixing of ingredients to the packaging.

What we pay special attention to during production:

- We do not test on animals

- Fillers and additives are not used

- We do not work with synthetic coloring and compounds

- Our products are made without the use of palm oil